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Sellsy Team

To build the best software you need the best team

Our Founders

Frédéric COULAIS CEO & co-founder
Alain MEVELLEC CMO & co-founder

Sales and Support Team

Guillaume DAINCHE VP Sales


Julien JAUDEAU Account Executive
Caroline EUSTATHIADES Account Executive
Arnaud CHADUTEAU Account Executive
Jérôme BIDAULT Account Executive
David LEMAIRE Account Executive
Paul ZELLER Account Executive
Soizic PILVEN LE SEVELLEC Account Executive
Arthur BREINL Sales Development Representative
Pierre TILLY Sales Development Representative
Irchad HATIA Sales Development Representative
Louis De Mirman Sales Development Representative
Alice RORRISON Sales Development Representative Europe
Florian HACQUARD Sales Intern


Mathieu SENAND Consulting & Deployment Manager
Julie BONNEAU Trainer
Nicolas CLAQUIN Account Executive
Quentin BERTREM Trainer

Middle office

Pauline FONTAINE Middle Office Manager
Camille COURLIER Inside Sales
Léa GANDY Inside Sales
Léa ANDRIES Support Hero
Aline GRANDVILLAIN Support Hero
Lucile BOULESTEIX Support Hero
Amélie PAREDES Support Hero

Customer success

Anthony MORET Head of Customer Success
Fabienne THOMAS Customer Success Manager
Camille MADEC Customer Success Manager

Marketing Team

Cécilia LENVO Chief Marketing Officer
Naomi FAYE Brand Designer
Maud HEURTEL Content Manager
Priscilla PIERRET Event Project Manager
Jonas COUFFIGNAL Head of Acquisition
Mathilde ROY Lead Generation Manager
Johnathan BELL Marketing Manager Europe
Ytri EL-MOUJAHID Graphic Design Intern

Tech Team

Philippe ALBERT Product Manager
Clément DESCHAMPS Product Manager
Jean-David MARCHAND Systems and Networks Admin


Baptiste BIROT Designer


Bruno ANTONI Lead Developer
Cévric JULIA Lead Developer
Maxime NEUVILLE Lead Developer
Alexis GUÉRIN Developer
Romain BOUDOT Developer
Noémie SACHOT Developer
Maxime GIAT Developer
Quentin HARNAY Senior Developer
Dany DERIGON Developer
Paul GUILLARD Developer


Maguy ROULET Support Advisor
Michael DUMONTET Support Developer
Charlotte CANTEAU Support Advisor


Rémy NEUTER Senior Developer
Emilien POTIN Lead Developer
Valentin NAVARRETE Developer

Legal, administrative and finance Team

Victor DOUEK Chief Financial Officer
Hervé TAILLIEU Accountant
Estelle GUINDI Sales Manager
Nathalie KRIEF Legal, Compliance & Data Officer
Rodolphe SCHROETTER Chief People & Happiness Officer
Guillaume GAUDIN Office Manager
Patricia MASSÉ Service Agent
Christelle LELOUTRE Cafeteria Manager