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Sellsy: An entrepreneur focused software


Sellsy was born from a simple observation: installed software would soon become obsolete and mobility would become essential for businesses.

The main strength of Sellsy is its user-oriented approach. Not as software specialists but as entreprenuers themselves, Sellsy's founders have outlined the objective to offer a product designed for users, not for CIOs.

Its force lies in its flexibility and the structure of its units. By integrating features usually fragmented between different online and offline softwares, Sellsy allows its users to greatly increase their productivity.

Sellsy is a innovative company, 100% focused on its users.

If you find Sellsy powerful today, it is a result of hundreds of improvements over time thanks to our clients remarks and ideas.


With Sellsy, you have your say.

Where to find us

Sellsy La Rochelle

La Rochelle


Sellsy La Rochelle
50 avenue du Lazaret

+33(0)5 47 74 46 20

Sellsy Paris



Sellsy Paris
20, rue Drouot

+33(0)5 47 74 46 20

Sellsy Spirit

When you decide to create the equivalent of dozens of softwares from a blank page, it requires both organization, talent, but also a touch of madness.

Sellsy is a young company with 50 employees built around simple values. From the very beginning, we have adopted organised methods to place our staff at the center our


We constantly  challenge ourselves to offer an ever more powerful and reliable product.

Sellsy spirit
French Startup Cup

Sellsy @ La Rochelle

Our headquarters are in La Rochelle, a city on the west coast of France. Every year we organize a lively boat race, called the French Start-up Cup. Over 50 start-ups join us each year to sail in our beautiful bay.

Our offices are located right by a marina, 200 meters from the beach, which contruibutes much to the quality of life of our team. An exceptional quality of life is a big plus when you want to offer an exceptional product.


Near the beach offices

Free beers

Sport room

Baby foot

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