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It is not uncommon for a company to use several tools for marketing communications. Unfortunately, this can create confusion and redundancy, that results in your potential and current clients to be inundated with messages that may not be relevant to their needs or interests.

With Sellsy, communication with prospects and customers is designed for precision, segmentation, and targeting so the right people receive the right messages - every time.

Your full marketing potential and a deeper relationship with your customers is waiting to be unlocked with these marketing tools from Sellsy.


With Sellsy, you can add campaigns that will be sent out automatically to customers when they reach certain customizable steps in your sales pipeline.

This is a function that lets you easily create custom scenarios for your incoming leads or to nurture your cold leads.

And of course, the history of all these actions can be accessed from the prospect's profile.

Marketing Automation
Campaign Marketing


Sellsy also has powerful emailing and text messaging units. Their integration with Sellsy allows you to send campaigns based on specific criteria, such as users of a particular product for example.

And designing beautiful emails for your campaigns is as easy as drag and drop! The editor is simple to use and produces responsive emails for comfortable reading on any device.


Sellsy offers several tools to capture leads.

The Sellsy Widget allows you to capture leads or support requests from your website. The Widget also controls tracking and ranking leads.

Contact Widget

The page generator allows you to create complex qualification pages, like a form authorizing a file download.

Landing Page

You can also use our Wordpress or Drupal plug-ins, as well as our full-fledged API.

Wordpress Drupal Prestashop


Your estimates and propositions are often an overlooked opportunity to express your brand identity.

With Sellsy, you can easily create your sale propositions that are both beautiful and functional - not to mention automatically populated with your data stored on Sellsy.

This unit can also be used to generate other kinds of documents, like contracts, letters, or certificates. Your imagination is the only limit.

Proposals Editor
Project Management


Keeping your marketing plan organized and on track isn't always an easy task - especially when you have to coordinate multiple, complex tasks across your team.

Sellsy's project management unit was designed to make planning and communication simple for you. You can organize your marketing deadlines, schedule specific projects, such as organizing an exhibition or a promotion, and share them easily across your team.


Sellsy replaces all your softwares and programs for a unified experience with collaborative tools, putting the customer at the core.

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