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Sellsy Services

Sellsy Services

Consulting, Deployment, Training, Integration

Sellsy's experts are here to assist you the whole way through.

To choose a new software to manage your sales is an important step for your company and your collaborators.


To help you put Sellsy quickly into action and get the most out of it, our expert teams are there to help you.

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The solution's configuration

The implementation of Sellsy involves certain setup steps, such as:

- creating accounts and setting the access rights for your employees
- the preference settings
- the setting of your sales documents, your catalog, your accounting codes ...
- the design of your documents
- etc.

Paramétrage de la solution
Import de données

Importing your data

Importing your data correctly is essential for a quick and efficient start with Sellsy.

Our team that is dedicated to importing your data, will be available to answer all your questions. We guarantee to import your data with the quality that corresponds to your expectations.

This service will save you loads of time and money since it imports all your information so you do not have to manually enter all your information.

In addition, our import service is capable to import the data that is not available in the interface, such as your billing history.

User's training

Once your account has been set up and your sales process is defined, our teams can train your users to use the solution. Of course, the profile of each user is taken into account according to his particular use of the solution.


Advised by a Sellsy expert, your employees leave the training ready to use the solution.

Teleconference will be organized for your training.

Paramétrage de la solution

Integrating with API (Application Programming Interface)

Sellsy is an open system that can inter-connect with many external systems through its API.


Whether you want to connect Sellsy to a business ERP, synchronize your data with a web-tool or a Prestashop shop, everything is possible.


Our dedicated team is at your disposal to study your needs and offer you answers adapted to competitive rates.

Sellsy Services

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