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Business Management

Driving your commercial activity
- Management of contacts / customers (BtoB - BtoC)
- Management of sales documents (quotes, invoices...)
- Management of products and services
- Centralized and collaborative email management
- Plug-ins for Gmail and Outlook
- Data sharing through Customers' Accounts
- Advanced options (deposits, discounts, options ...)
- Send emails with statistics of their clicks and openings
- Electronic signatures of estimates
- Online payment of invoices (Atos, Stripe, Paypal)
- Tracking history and links
- Contact customers by mail or email
- Management of balances
- Custom, personalized documents
- Multilingual document templates
- Multilingual Catalogs
- Product categories and subcategories
- Management of variations (size, color...)
- Price categories (retailers, individuals...)
- Customized discounts according to the customer
- Tracking of cash receipts
- Management of invoices with multiple due dates
- Direct debit compatible with SEPA
- Direct exports to accounting with Workflow
- High security file storage
- Modify large groups of data with a single entry
- Adjustable exports

CRM / Opportunities Management

Manage your prospects effectively
- Management of prospects / opportunities
- Pipeline view and task processing
- Live and recorded collaborative messaging (chat)
- Automated marketing campaigns
- Lead Generation (widget, forms...)
- Tracking and scoring of leads
- Activity report sorted by sales employee or by source
​- High security file storage
- Modify large groups of data with a single entry
​- Adjustable exports

Purchases and Margins

Monitor your expenses and margins
- Registration of purchases
- Storage of supporting documents
- Management of the purchasing cycle (ordering, delivery)
- Calculation of margins
- Direct link to the Inventory Management Unit
- Direct export to accounting with Workflow
- Modify large groups of data with a single entry
​- Adjustable exports

Subscriptions Management

Automate recurring billing
- Management of units and price formulas
- Modifiable rules of recurrence
- Set dates for automatic invoices
- Direct or delayed sending methods


Create all your administrative and business documents
- Drag and drop tool
- Easy insertion of clients/prospects/opportunities data into documents
- Custom fields for customers and prospects
- Statistics of clicks and openings
- Electronic signatures

Project Management

Manage complex projects
- Project management  
- Kanban view and planning
- Checklists
- Simplicity of usage and control
- Link commercial documents to opportunities  
- Capacity to give access to external parties
- Keeping track of time entries
​- High security file storage

Website, Blog & E-commerce

Create your websites, blogs, and e-commerce
- Shop window or merchant websites 
- Sell your products or services online  
- Simple drag and drop interface without codes  
- Content management with the blog  
- Acquisition tools (widget, landing pages)
- Possibility of adding custom codes
- Tracking of conversations on social networks and Adwords  
- Configuration of SEO and social networking (OpenGraph)  
- Google Analytics tracking code  
- Secure, high-availability hosting  
- Integration of your domain name

Point of Sales

Manage your POS online or offline
- Touch or mouse interface
- Windows application (with offline mode)
- Also works on a browser
- Compatible with all standard cash register hardwares  
- Cash registers available for sale upon request  
- Connection to the Inventory Management Unit  
- Customer information from the cash register
- Mobile capacity for fairs, shows, or pop-up stores


Easily track your team's expense reports
- Follow-up with the expenses of your collaborators  
- Mass validation of expense claims  
- Management of employee reimbursements  
- Capacity to enter charges on your mobile device  
- Storage of supporting documents
- Modify large groups of data with a single entry
​- Adjustable exports

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and supplies 
- Multi-channel inventory management  
- Follow simple and serialized inventory
- Multi-warehouse management
- Calculation of the weighted average unit cost
- Organization of inventory by their variations (size, color...)
- Capacity to verify the availability of articles 
- Alert in the event of a shortage and then of restocking

Rental Management

Manage your reservations and rentals  
- Management of equipment, goods, or service rentals
- Verification of availability  
- Calendar management of reservations and rentals  
- Rental inventory management
- Rates by duration of rentals or reservations (hour, day, week...)

Billing Hours Management

Efficiently billing your working hours  
- Hourly billing service to send to your customers 
- Creation of detailed invoices (notes, time spent...)  
- Editing of the hourly report  
- Tracking of billable hours  
- Tracking of non-billable hours

Customer Support

Precisely track your interactions with customers  
- Follow-up of complaints or customer requests (tickets)
- Natural processing (sent from an employee email)
- Management of the internal flow (with notes and assignments)
- Manual creation of tickets on emails or forms
- Standardized response models with changeable variations  
- Ticket history shown on the customers' accounts  
- Integrated time tracking (automatic or manual)
- Fields of qualification
- Statistical Reports

Take control of your cash flow

- Connect and synchronise your bank accounts

- One interface for all of your bank accounts

- A tool to manage your cash flow

- Easy bank reconciliation

- Identify your collection and payment problems

- Export of accounting entries into chart of accounts

- An optimal follow-up of your receipts and your expenses

Included in your subscription

Accountant Exports

Integrate your accounting data
- Direct export of accounting entries
- Compatible with all accounting softwares
- Adjustable exports
- Accountant access available
- Workflow oriented production
- Third party code / catalog
- Editable chart of accounts
- Automatic export capacity to accounting
- Analysis by file or by business

Time Tracking

Track time accurately
- Quick time entry or in a weekly table
- Timer management 
- Time tracking by customer or by service
- Calculation of margin by the hourly cost
- Tracking time of messaging
- Time tracking of support tickets 
- Time tracking of project management
- Summary of time spent on a record for the customer 
- Detailed global statistics (per customer, per employee)

Accelerate your business with Sellsy

Two units offered, to increase your productivity and visibility.
These units work on the basis of custom quotas, adapted to your subscription package (see our page: Our Packages).


Easily create email or text message campaigns 
- Intuitive drag-and-drop editor
- Advanced editor mode (HTML)  
- Customizable messages with variations 
- Tracking of openings/clicks
- Automatic creation of opportunities 
- Management of static mailing lists 
- Management of dynamic multi-criteria segments 
- Campaign statistics 
- Management of emails with Emailstrategie

Electronic Signatures

Get your documents signed online 
- Document integrity guarantee  
- Guarantee of the authenticity of the signature 
- Validation by email or text 
- Automatic notifications and real-time tracking 
- Management of multiple signatures
- Signature operated by YouSign  
- Secure storage 10 years (Cash Deposits)

Synchronization & Payment


Synchronize your schedule and your Sellsy contacts, drive your CRM from your email client.



Drive your CRM from your email client.


GSuite / Google Apps / Microsoft Office 365

Synchronize your schedule and your Sellsy contacts


Mailjet / Mailchimp / SimpleMail

Synchronize your contacts with these email solutions.



Synchronize your documents with Dropbox.


Google Drive

Synchronize your documents with Google Drive.


Paypal / Atos SIPS / Bluepaid / Stripe

Get paid online by credit card with these solutions of online payment.



Guarantee your direct debit.



Get you Sellsy alerts in your Slack channels.

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