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Generate Leads

 Attract more visitors to your website

 Transform your visitors into leads

 Follow-up with these qualified leads in your CRM

Find future customers

Capture visitors on your website and transform them into leads with Sellsy. Plus, you will have all the information to effectively follow-up with them in your Sellsy CRM.


Sellsy offers you a set of tools that allows you to generate leads with ease.

Attractive Landing Pages

With the drag and drop system, you can easily create landing pages to present your product.


With Sellsy Website unit, you can add a blog to your website or a resource center to offer quality content to your visitors (e-books, webinars, customer testimonials).

Attractive Landing pages
Personnalized forms

Personalized Forms

Our forms are completely customizable  and allow you to take specifications for your industry into account through custom fields.


Easily set up complete and effective forms to gather well-qualified leads with the Landing Page Generator. The Form Generator allows you to create pages with specific qualification, such as a demo, quote, or a content request.


With custom fields, you can request any kind of information from your visitors. This information will then be automatically recorded in your CRM, which allows you to follow-up with a personal touch.

Capture leads with the Sellsy widget

Enable visitors on your website to get in contact with you easily.


The Sellsy Widget allows you to capture leads and support requests directly from your website. It also guides the tracking and scoring of your leads.


Install the Sellsy Widget to update the old style contact page.

Sellsy Widget
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  The CRM pipeline view allows me to have a bird’s-eye view

of my current opportunities and their progress. 


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Pipeline view

Comprehensive view of leads

In any case, leads arrive directly in your Sellsy CRM in the pipeline of your choice so you can follow-up with them with precision.


By configuring the source of the forms, you can directly identify which forms perform the best.

Lead Builder

With Sellsy Lead Builder, a Chrome extension, you can quickly gather leads from some of the best web sources.


Create leads that include photos, logos, roles, with a single click when browsing social networks.


Looking for the email of a potential contact? The extension is connected to hunter.io to easily find an email of a prospect.



Discover Sellsy Lead Builder 

Lead builder
Slack Integration

Automated marketing campaigns

Do you have a list of cold leads, from a show or event maybe? 


With Sellsy automation and email opening rates, you can engage your prospects in a 100% personalized automated scenario.


With email and Slack notifications, you are able to call your prospects back at the right time, when they just get done reading your email.



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