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Keep track of your prospects

Keep track of your prospects

 Effectively keep up with your opportunities

 Save time by quickly identifying hot leads

 Automate and personalize your communication

Contact your leads at the best moment

Once your future clients are identified, Sellsy helps you to easily follow your business opportunities and make them evolve from step to step.


Save time on a daily basis with our many features: automatic emails sending, opportunities scoring, prospects actions tracking...

Mobile, agile CRM

So, your lead has entered your CRM and pipeline: it's a business opportunity to follow very closely!


Discover the power of the pipeline view to follow-up with your prospects. Visual and interactive, this approach allows you to constantly stay on top of your opportunities.



  Set up steps in your pipeline according to your business structure

  Easily move your opportunities from one step to another

  Quickly identify which should be recontacted


And of course, your sales team can access the CRM from their mobile device.


Discover the Android & iOS Sellsy mobile app 


Pipeline view
360 customer view

360 Customer view: a simple solution to help your departments work together

For a salesperson, it's important to know everything about the customer before making contact with them. With Sellsy, you have a full 360° view of the customer and avoid tradition errors, such as calling a customer for sales purposes when they have a withstanding payment or they have requested support.


The principle of Sellsy is to offer you all the information about your customer in the same place, in real-time. Each unit saves its data on the customer record: opportunities, sales documents, support tickets, location, receipts...

In the same way, all events, reminders, comments, and emails from your entire team are centralized in the same place.

Lead Tracking & Scoring

Tracking Tools allow you to precisely analyze the behavior of your website visitors. Coupled with Lead Scoring, this data becomes a very powerful advantage in the transformation process and allows you to save precious time.


Lead Tracking

Not all visitors on your website are of equal importance to you. With Sellsy Tracking, you know your lead's entire browsing history, even when it's anonymous.


Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring measures the maturity of your prospects by assigning a rating to them. According to the score, you can choose to trigger the sales tactic of your choice to be more sure to hit the bullseye.

Depending on your strategy, you can give more value to one page than to another. The score will then be used to rank your leads according to their progress in the Pipeline as you convert them to customers.

The hottest prospects (those that accumulate the greatest score) will be the ones the most likely to respond favorably to your offers. This saves valuable time (and energy) for your team!

Lead tracking & scoring
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  All the features linked to the sales team job are centralized in one single tool:

email sending, automatic follow-up, sales documents creation… 


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Sales Automation

Sales Automation

To effectively nurture leads, put marketing automation into place!

You can easily create automated scenarios directly into the steps of your pipeline.


Have a prospect that is no longer answering? Simply slide them into a step with a sequence of automated emails. Personalized emails will be sent to them until they awaken.

When they open your email, their score will increase.

Have a list of cold leads, from a show for example? Slide them into a automated step in your pipeline and watch their score rise like magic.

Keep up with business
as a team with
collaborative tools

With Sellsy, you have strong collaborative tools so you won't forget a thing! With real-time notifications, email tracking and document openings, shared agendas... You will no longer risk missing a sale!


Features to better communicate as a team:

  Live Chat

  Shared Calendars

  Task Management

  Project Management

Collaborative tools

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