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Signature and billing

Signature & Billing

 Effortlessly create business proposals

 Personalize your documents

 Accelerate, simplify, and secure your sales cycle

Get paid quickly and safely

Create personalized quotes, get notified when they are read, easily transform them into invoices… With Sellsy, you are able to fast forward and secure you sales cycle. By offering electronic signature or online payment, Sellsy helps you close your business opportunities faster and ensures you a simple and effective sales cycle.

Quotes and personalized proposals

Whether you work with quotesproposals, or contracts, all is possible with Sellsy.


The Redactor unit allows you to create any kind of complex document, with integrated text, images, and variables from your account.


And of course, in all cases, you can track if the document was opened and how long it was opened.


Quotes and personalized proposals

Optimized Billing

Simplified and customized billing

Simplified and customized billing

Quickly Convert a document (quote, credit note…) into an invoice simply by clicking a button in your Sellsy account.


You gain precious time and avoid any possibility of re-entry. Your invoices will be personalized through the creation of your own layout (with inserted logos, background…).


Thanks to personal access codes, your customers can view their invoices and download them into PDF.

Billing according to time-spent

If you bill your customers according to the time you spend on their record, you will appreciate the billing functions offered by Sellsy.


Any time that is logged for a customer can be easily billed in a few clicks

Billing according to time-spent
Recurrent billing

Recurrent Billing

You can automate your recurring invoices with Sellsy. Once you have set up the recurrence, Sellsy will generate your invoices automatically. No more late payments, you are sure to get paid on time.

Electronic Signature & Online Payment

Sellsy provides tools to accelerate your sales process and get paid faster.

Asking a customer to scan a signed quote, is tiring for him as well as your sales team, who often have to recontact them.


With the electronic signature, enjoy the ease of receiving a legal signature within minutes.

In the same way, send your invoices and quotes with an online payment link: it's your cash flow that will thank you.

Lead tracking & scoring
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  Signing quotes online, as well as being able to get paid online, is a real time-saver on a daily basis.  


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Simplify the link to your accounts

Sellsy provides you with accurate accounting tracking. 

Your accountant will thank you for making his life easier.

Vision globales des leads

Integrated accounting plan

With Sellsy, you can easily code your catalog and customer record. You can edit the accounting plan and create any type of account.


An analytical plan is also available for an analysis by product or file.


Sellsy exports your accounting logs (sales, purchases, cash register, payments) compatible with every software in the market.

Accounting workflow

Accounting exports work incrementally: only non-exported entries are displayed.

Once entries are exported, the relevant documents are locked and the system labels them “accounted for”.

Suivi d'affaires en équipe
Suivi d'affaires en équipe

Accountant access

You can give your accountant free access to your Sellsy account.

In any case, this access will always be useful to verify a supplier invoice without your accountant having to ask you to send the document.

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