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Keep customers loyal

Keep customers loyal

 Segment your customer base to communicate in a targeted way

 Ensure fautless customer support

 Manage your projects with ease

Improve your responsiveness

Sellsy offers you tools to improve your clients experience and improve your response time. With the helpdesk  unit, which allows you to follow up on requests and their progress, you will be able to answer all of their requests as quickly as possible.

Simply and efficiently categorize your contacts

Interacting with customers is often done through tools that do not have targeting capabilities. This results in customers receiving too many messages that are not necessarily relevant to them.


Sellsy provides precise segmentation to allow high accuracy targeting. In your contact list, you isolate the exact type of customers you wish to contact, according to the criteria of your choice through custom fields. For example, you can find all the customers or resellers in a specific region with one single click. This allows you to have customized groups of contacts.

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Targeted communication

Effortlessly put email and text message marketing campaigns in to actionas well as newsletters.


Sellsy provides a powerful unit to send emails and text messages. The native Sellsy integration allows you to send emails to customers based upon extremely specific customized criteria, such as customers that have purchased a specific product or service, in order to propose them something similar.

Nothing is simpler than designing your emails: the drag-and-drop editor is very easy to use to make emails that can be responded to directly. The emails are easy to read from all devices.

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  Units interdependance is very interesting when creating a marketing campaign

or quickly implementing a landing page.  


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Stay organized

A good marketing strategy resides in good planning.


This is the goal of the project management unit. It allows you to organize your communication calendar and other specific projects, such as hosting a show or promotional event.

Lead tracking & scoring
Customer support

Customer support / After sales service

With Sellsy Customer Service unit, the exchanges you have with your customers are centralized and organized: each request can be processed collaboratively.


With custom fields, you can easily qualify your requests for statistical requirements or data recording.


Sellsy gives you a quick overview of your customer requests, with direct links to to each customer record to simplify ticket management.

Also available on your mobile device, this unit is ideal to manage your requests at events or on the go.

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