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Sellsy Lead Builder

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Lead builder

A simple and efficient way to capture prospects

Once your extension has been set up, you can go to the LinkedIn profile of your choice.


The Builder will gather the key information from the profile and automatically save it as a prospect in your Sellsy account.


Of course, the extension first checks your Sellsy account to see if the prospect already exists, and if it does, it is simply enriched.


In just a few clicks, you will fill up your pipeline with complete prospects.

Verified email search

In order to preserve the quality of your files, personal addresses (gmail & other webmails) are not recorded by the search.


Concerning the reliability of your searches: the extension is connected to Hunter.io to easily find the email of your prospects. The email addresses are valid 80% of the time.


Even if the prospect doesn't provide their email, you can still create it as a prospect or enrich it if it already exists.

Lead builder
Lead builder

An ideal integration with Sellsy

From the Lead Builder extension, you can easily control the destination of the added opportunities (choose the pipeline, steps...)


And so, the management of these opportunities is kept smooth and organized. Once these opportunities are in your CRM, the can be engaged in a personalized email automation cycle through Sellsy Marketing Automation.

Each time one of your prospects clicks on links in your email, their score will increase: and so, it seems very easy for your sales team to identify hot leads in the pipeline!

Lead builder

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